20+ Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What Being a Dad Is Like

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2 years ago

Parenting is a tough job, and every dad can confirm that. Keeping the kids safe, happy, and amused is much harder than it appears to be, but it’s just a part of being a dad. Sometimes it can be easier to deal with an overly demanding boss than with your own kids. After all, if you can handle toddlers, you will be able to handle anything, and these dads surely know that.

No matter how hard you try to imagine it, you’ll never know what it means to be a dad until you become one. However, to bring you a bit closer to that notion, Bright Side has collected a bunch of tweets that portray the funny side of fatherhood.

1. Toddlers can sometimes be cruel.

2. Genius people often struggle with simple tasks.

3. When a kid tells you that you can sleep, it means the last thing you should be doing is sleeping.

4. As a dad, you’ll learn to always look for the bright side.

5. Kids are our best critics.

6. A dad loves all of his children equally, despite the differences between them.

7. You probably won’t watch any movie without a princess in it until your girls grow up.

8. Negotiating with little children isn’t always that hard.

9. Eventually, you will learn that liquid being wet can sometimes be a problem.

10. Being a father means you’ll do anything for your kid — well, almost anything.

11. It’s a dad’s responsibility to teach his kids about the cruelty of the world they live in.

12. Having kids means you won’t need music anymore.

13. The uncomfortable part of fatherhood is that your kids need a few seconds to destroy something you’ve been taking care of for years.

14. Your children occasionally manage to remind you how old you actually are.

15. The most important thing is to keep your kid happy...even if it means sleeping with a clown mask.

16. At least there are good sides to not having time for anything.

17. It would be too much to expect the same amount of effort through the whole year.

18. The best method for learning is through example.

19. You’ll never sleep in on your days off again.

20. Children often have a tendency to simplify tasks and instructions, but at least they stick to logical reasoning.

21. Toddlers love their dads for being the best and most loyal audience.

22. When you throw away something that has been getting on your nerves, just pretend it’s lost.

23. By the time you learn how to take care of little kids, they’ll probably already be grown up.

Do you believe that male parents are less strict and more relaxed than female ones? What does fatherhood mean to you?

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