19 Kids Who Surprised Their Parents With More Than They Meant To

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2 years ago

It seems that a perfect balance of innocence and mischievousness comes naturally to children. You could never predict what they might say or do next or what their colorful imagination might surprise us with. Whatever it is, trying to decipher a kid’s mind is like going on a voyage to a dreamland that makes us adults go through all kinds of emotions, but it always ends with an infinite dose of affection and love.

Bright Side has brought together some particularly fascinating and awing moments parents have witnessed thanks to their little ones. We believe that they are totally worth sharing with you.

1. A very special mother’s day gift indeed!

2. Elephants can be great friends.

3. ’’To avoid gender stereotypes, I gave my daughter a mix of dolls and toy cars to play with. This is what happened.’’

4. ’’My 3-year-old nephew asked if Grandma Bear was talking on Skype.’’

5. ’’I found my daughter’s life plan while cleaning her room.’’

6. A genuine Father’s Day card

7. ’’I asked my son why there was a banana on his floor, he said, ’It’s Kevin.’ I pick it up, and to my surprise, it’s Kevin.’’

8. ’’My son said to my wife: ’Mommy, let’s play army guys. You can be this guy because he’s vacuuming.’"

9. ’’My 6-year-old son had been asking me over and over, ’Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ and I just found out why.’’

10. ’’My son wanted to know what kind of phone this was.’’

11. ’’My 3-year-old made me run up the stairs after yelling, ’Dada! There’s a sea of water on the counter!’"

12. ’’I found the nightmare my daughter was working on. Should I be worried?’’

13. Letter from the favorite

14. ’’My 4-year-old thinks he’s a ninja, he absolutely thinks he’s completely invisible in front of our black appliances.’’

15. ’’My 6-year-old grabbed the leopard pillow and yelled, ’Look, Daddy! A pillow made out of mommy’s underwear!’"

16. ’’Our dog peed on our new couch. My 6-year-old daughter documented the events, including my reaction.’’

17. ’’So my brother isn’t allowed to take his phone to his room at night, so he keeps his phone downstairs while charging.’’

18. ’’My daughter looks like a mom that regrets all her life decisions.’’

19. “When your 3-year-old tells the man at McDonald’s that his pants are falling down”

Have you ever done something similarly shocking and funny as a kid? Do you think we lose a part of our freedom and imagination as we grow older?

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You do become jaded but when you goof around as a parent or grandparent you do get some fun reactions...lol


My sister, when she was 10, told a 40 year old woman her husband, 48, was flirting with a gorgeous 22 year old, this was 7 years ago and the 22 year old was me, Jade helped me because I already HAVE a boyfriend, I'm 29 now


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