20 Women With Silver Hair That Decided to Not Care About Stereotypes and Just Be Themselves

2 years ago

This article is about regular women that started noticing grey hair. Even though there are many different coloring techniques today that can hide gray hair, these ladies decided that they want to look natural. Some of them are even happy they have grey hair and others needed years to accept this change.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the women that decided to not care about any stereotypes and just be themselves.

“One year since I stopped coloring my hair and let the grays take over. It’s so much healthier now!”

“It’s funny that I get compliments on the color all the time”

“One lady at the pool asked me where I got my perm and my color. When I told her I did neither she was really surprised. I used to color my hair but it would grow so fast I’d have roots in 2 weeks. So I decided to embrace the grey.”

“I found my first gray at 12. Had it ever since and now it’s wanting to take over at 31. I love it.”

“One year ago before the big chop, and today. I rock my white hair with more confidence now, I always used to try to tuck and hide them away.”

“I’ve been going gray since I was about 20. I spent so much time and energy trying to hide it... I didn’t even know what my natural color was anymore.”

“I finally decided to give my hair a rest and let it go and love it now more than I ever loved it when it was dyed. My advice is don’t be afraid... It’s just hair, you can always change it if you don’t like it!”

“Well, I finally did it! I cut over 12 inches off my hair! It feels so great!! And now my grey hair feels like it’s catching up to the rest of my hair.”

“My natural grey hair”

“Letting my grey hair grow”

“12 years since I’ve dyed my hair and I love it”

“Life is beautiful.”

“I’m super into my grey hair that I’ve been growing out.”

“42 on Sunday and love my grey hair”

Went grey in my 20s and in my early 40s I finally started letting it go grey! Really love it now!”

“My grey curls are looking great today.”

“I just turned 32. I’ve had grey hair since I was 11.”

“I hid my greys for a long time until I saw how cool they actually look.”

“My mom’s hair amazes me, she’s so beautiful.”

“Gray curls look great!”

“I cut it because I grew out all the unnatural color. Definitely going natural from now on with color and curls!”

“49 and curly hair... Mostly gray now... Finally learned to love it after years of straightening and blow-drying.”

“There is something about it that makes me feel a sense of pride like I don’t care what anybody thinks because I know it’s beautiful!”

“After years of straightening, box dye, and ponytails, I decided to chop off my hair and embrace the curls/grays.”

Do you think that grey hair should be hidden or no? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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Preview photo credit JMO1977 / Reddit


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