21 Animals Having the Best Day Ever

5 years ago

We smile an average of 20 times per day. And what about animals? There are no statistics, but we can see them doing it with our own eyes.

Animals can be cute, animals can be jerks. They can smile and laugh. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Have a look at our compilation.

Bright Side wants to show you how happy our small friends can be.

1. Aww, it’s impossible to not smile.

2. Free hugs!

3. This donkey has a secret to tell you.

4. Sunbathing is an art.

5. Just a bear saying “Hi!”

6. A giggling panda

7. Spreading positive vibes

8. “Have you ever been this happy to have your chest hair shaved?”

9. This cutie’s smile

10. Happiness is on board.

11. Smiling is a secret of being happy.

12. This cat has achieved Zen.

13. “At least someone laughs at my jokes.”

14. These fish are happy to see you.

15. Triple smile

16. Cheeeeeeese!

17. That’s a big smile

18. A birthday party for a good boy

19. Even the hedgehog is happy to be in Paris.

20. This is exactly how “LOL” feels.

21. This winking cutie wishes you a good day.

Which of these happy and joyful animals do you like the most? Share which are your favorites in the comments.


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