25+ Baby Animals That Are Too Cute for Words

3 years ago

It’s interesting to know that different animals mature a varying rates — a kitten becomes a mature cat within a year, while it takes 20 years for an elephant to reach adulthood. The baby animals in our compilation are so cute that we wish they would stay babies forever!

Bright Side thinks that after looking through this article, your heart will melt and you’ll wish for a small iguana or koala as a pet.

A jaguar cub is hugging a tiny panther.

A little calf is greeting you!

A duck-puppy? No, that’s a platypus!

Little crocodiles are extremely photogenic.

What a cute tiny octopus!

“Sonny, let me have a rest for a while.”

“Now I love koalas even more!”

It’s just a baby bat. What did you think it was?

50% wolf + 50% husky = 100% cuteness

“Mom, is this man with the camera edible?”

“This sloth is my younger spiritual brother.”

This rhino baby is going for a morning jog.

In case you don’t know what a baby moose looks like...

This baby warthog is going to have a mud bath.

“Sometimes flying fox babies fall down trees and we have to pick them up and give them medical aid.”

A newborn spider isn’t really scary at all!

A newborn model at their first photoshoot!

This small ocelot is simply gorgeous and dangerous!

This baby owl is scared to stay home alone so the owner has to take it to work.

This looks more like a pug or a corgi than it does a baby seal!

A tiny hedgehog!

Baby foxes are playing like kittens.

“Was it you who insulted a small tiger? I remember you...”

This tiny crocodile skink looks like a dragon.

A proud, fluffy Scottish Highland calf

“This guy will grow into a scary hyena soon. But for now, it’s just another cutie!”

Greetings from a young fur seal!

“A tiny swallowtail butterfly? Are you sure? I thought it was a Pokemon...”

Which of these creatures seemed the cutest to you? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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