21 Cats and Dogs That Can Raise the Level of Happiness in Your Body

3 years ago

If all cats and dogs disappeared from the planet, our lives would become empty — or at least they wouldn’t be filled with so much unconditional love anymore. Our pets have magic skills that can increase our good moods and cause us to have tender emotions or bursts of laughter. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re fooling around or simply sleeping — they can make any gloomy day bright.

Bright Side has collected another set of photos of dogs and cats that will make your day better for sure.

“My cat met a baby deer today.”

This seems to be the most peaceful cat in the world.

This good boy doesn’t actually look that good — or maybe he simply needs to sneeze. Anyway, there is no one who would dare to check.

“Stop doing what you’re doing and start loving me.”

“My dog trying acupuncture”

Cats look sad when they’re being washed because water reveals their true form.

“Dennis is cross-eyed but we love him anyway.”

There’s no place you can hide from a cat’s devotion.

He’s definitely a mama’s boy.

Sweet dreams:

The best solution on a hot day:

More evidence that cats consist of 99% liquid

“This is Rudy. Rudy loves me. Rudy is not my cat.”

“I can’t believe she is playing with another cat on the TV set. But what about me?”

When your friend can also be a comfortable mat for meditations:

One of these pillows is not a pillow at all. Can you see it?

When there’s nothing that can disturb you from a deep meditation:

This dog can look suspicious within a couple of seconds.

“This is Gus. We can’t touch or come within 2 meters of him, but we still love him.”

“My little cinnamon bun”

“This cat seems to have come to us from another universe. And here are her first impressions.”

Do you have pets? Please share their photos in the comments! We will be glad to see them.

Preview photo credit kagonekoshiro, unknown/imgur


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