21 Designers Whose Genius Seems to Be Embedded in Their DNA

2 years ago

There are people who are dedicated to design, whose genius seems to come out of their pores. These brilliant minds, in addition to creating an innovative product, offer an unparalleled experience for the consumer. Often, these small details are what make a big difference amid the competition and keep their customers satisfied.

At Bright Side, we have selected original designs shared by these users and, like them, we were amazed at their brilliant attention to detail.

1. “My toilet paper has extra mini rolls in the center instead of cardboard tubes.”

2. “A basket-designed cafe with an orange grove in Jeju, South Korea”

3. “Kudos to Nabisco’s new pop-open boxes, which actually let you fit your hand inside the cracker box for once!”

4. “This single-use Sriracha packet — not only does it look like the real bottle, but you also have to take the ‘cap’ off to use it!”

5. “Panda bathroom”

6. “A notepad from a warehouse supply business”

7. “My new toaster has a hole to unplug the cord with a finger.”

8. “A metal gate design somewhere in Rome”

9. “The way light was used in this logo”

10. “A barcode on a roll of paper towels”

11. “This can of chips has a plastic slider so you can reach the ones at the bottom.”

12. “A bra supporter that is shaped as a hand”

13. “This bike rack in front of my orthodontist”

14. “A barcode from a German pen”

15. “Saw this swing specially designed for people with wheelchairs.”

16. “In Antwerp (Belgium), we have trash cans designed to fit pizza boxes.”

17. “Adore these little coat hooks — not sure where they’re from though.”

18. “Milk bread packaging”

19. “These Band-Aids designed to match different skin colors”

20. “These intelligently-designed stacking stools”

21. “Bike stands that look like padlocks”

Which of these brilliant ideas caught your attention the most? What intelligent design have you come across where you live?

Preview photo credit basquenv / Imgur


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