21 Gorgeous Places Where We’d Like to Stay Forever

3 years ago

Everyone likes to look through beautiful pictures: we want to plan our vacation, find inspiration, or look for home design ideas. Thanks to people who posted these photos, we’ve discovered unusual places that travel agents don’t even know about.

Bright Side has collected 21 marvelous pictures and one of them will definitely inspire you, no matter what you’re looking for.

21. “My little balcony retreat”

20. Magnificent bamboo home near a river in Bali

19. “My cozy place”

18. “I just finished refurbishing my cozy terrace.”

17. Cozy cobblestone street

16. “My little cottage this evening”

15. Indoor natural hot spring at the Dunton Hot Springs resort in Colorado

14. This cafe in Prague

13. “My cottage in Ubud, Bali”

12. Unbelievable Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden, Japan

11. Cozy mountain cabins in Les 2 Alpes

10. “My wife and I just purchased our first home. It’s just as cozy on the inside as it is on the outside.”

9. “This upstairs loft in a cabin I’m staying in”

8. Boathouse in Lake District, UK

7. “Me and my girlfriend stayed here in Dartmoor, UK recently.”

6. “My house at twilight”

5. Cozy camper-van interior

4. “My parents have a room in their house with a waterfall running beneath it.”

3. “I could watch the rain on those windows all day.”

2. “A cabin in the mountains belonging to some family friends”

1. The ideal spot to spend a cozy Sunday morning.

Which places did you like the most? We’re amazed by #20, 11, and 5.

Preview photo credit www.ziaruldeiasi.ro


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