21 Photos That Hilariously Unveil Family Chaos

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Fairy tales often wrap up with a lavish wedding for the heroes. But it’s after the vows that real family life starts, and let us tell you, it’s not magic. It’s a blend of quirks, adjustments, compromises, and laughter, and only love can help us through all the challenges of living together.

1. “When my wife talks about having another baby, I like to remind her how painful breastfeeding was...works every time.”

2. “Your husband ‘cleaned’ up the kitchen starter pack.”

3. “I smelled plastic.”

4. “This little unicorn hat my wife puts on our bananas to keep them fresh.”

5. “My wife gets upset when I have more than 1 pair of shoes at the door, can you guess who’s shoes these are?”

6. “My husband. I just...”

7. “This is how my husband opens the bread if I don’t get to it first. Just rips a hole in the bag and leaves it OPEN like this too.”

8. “My husband thinks this pizza isn’t burnt.”

9. “Walked in on my wife sleeping with my best friend.”

10. “My wife is a monster.”

11. “How my husband leaves the cast iron after use.”

12. “My husband ate the top off of the banana nut bread.”

13. “After 50 years of marriage and disagreements, my parents have solved the over vs under debate.”

14. “How my husband eats donuts.”

15. “The way my husband wraps gifts.”

16. “My wife spits her seed shells into the door handle of our car.”

17. “I told my husband I wanted to make my own birthday cake. I understand if you’re overwhelmed by my skills.”

18. “How my wife opens bags.”

19. “My wife thinks that the way I peel mandarins is weird. Can someone please tell me I’m not crazy?”

20. “The state of my kitchen after my wife or youngest son (20) cooks dinner.”

21. “I thought we were all getting dressed to go grocery shopping, but I walked into my bedroom to find this instead.”

“Apparently, my bougie 17-month-old simply couldn’t leave the house until she made her daddy paint her toes to match her outfit. She somehow reached the Piggy Paint in her ‘health and beauty caddy’ and kept shoving it in his face until he agreed. We’re just gonna ignore the fact that getting her to let mama paint her toes is usually akin to a WWE match, and enjoy the adorable girl-dad moment.” autotuned_voicemails / Reddit

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Preview photo credit FigBasic / Reddit


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