21 Photos You Need to See to Understand the World Better

3 years ago

The world has its tricks. It’s not easy to calculate how large the planet Jupiter is, how much food is thrown away at a buffet. There’s nothing better than an image that puts an explanation before your eyes or at least opens them up to a new perspective with which to see the world.

Here at Bright Side, we’re very curious and have looked for pictures that tell stories capable of gently shaking up your way of thinking.

1. Using ultraviolet and infrared filters, the moon reveals hidden features.

2. A tree half-saved from a fire

3. This is what ancient hieroglyphics looked like before the colors faded.

4. A 392-year-old Greenland shark who’s wandered the ocean since 1627

5. This is the entire observable universe squeezed into one image.

6. Paper under a microscope

7. The border between San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico

8. If Jupiter was the same distance as the moon was from Earth

9. A turtle coming out of brumation

10. Colliding rivers in Geneva, Switzerland

11. Seiko stunned many in 1982 with the world’s first TV watch.

12. On Earth, a candle burns with a tall, yellow flame. In space, a smaller, blue flame burns in the center of the wick.

13. Same place, same time, each photo in a different month

14. “Data comparison of 138.24MB vs 128GB”

15. A modern tomato vs one grown from 150-year-old seeds

16. This is $5,000 worth of gold compared to $5,000 worth of silver as a ratio of 110:1.

17. A ski trail sign in the summer vs the winter

18. A glacier in Iceland in 1986 vs 2019

19. “I ordered snacks from room service and they sent a refrigerated robot butler to deliver them.”

20. “Yesterday’s waste was 99 lb (45 kg).”

21. Full-grown giant sequoias have an average trunk diameter of 20 to 26 ft.

Have you discovered something new after seeing any of these pictures? Did any of them make your eyes shine in a special way? Do you have a photograph that reflects what the world we live in is really like? We’d love to see it!


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I've always wonder how is it even possible that the waters from rivers and oceans never come together ?


but what are the hidden features that they show on the moon, what does each color mean? #1


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