22 People Who Are as Repelled to Tech as Oil Is to Water

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Today, everyone’s home is filled with all kinds of household appliances and electronic gadgets. But some people regard technology as a soulless piece of metal and plastic, and that’s how they treat it—no wonder their devices must endure all kinds of mistreatments.

1. This is really scary.

2. It looks like this MacBook has airbags.

3. “Yes, this is honey.”

4. “My laptop is not working.”

5. “My Grandma’s TV after the housecleaners cleaned it with a mystery liquid.”

6. “I drove over an hour for this.”

7. The world’s most expensive doorstopper.

8. “My mom said it once shocked her when she plugged it in.”

9. “The way this monitor was wall mounted.”

10. “Someone knows where can I get that router skin?”

11. “How much for a repair?”

12. “My mother’s college laptop still works, and she completed her semester on it. She refuses to get rid of it or try to fix it.”

13. “I will no longer be letting the cats use the tuner to warm.”

14. “Mini PCs in a kitchen where I work. GREASY.”

15. “Service ticket: Laptop won’t boot or power on.”

16. “I’m scared to find out what’s inside”

17. “Chromebook book, now with pages.”

18. “Nothing quite like going to a job site and seeing this...”

19. “I heard if you have leaves in your phone, it’s good luck.”

20. “A customer brought me a MacBook Air with this cable. I’m surprised their house hasn’t burned down.”

21. “Travelled 620 miles to fix 5 brand new desktops, which are slow for strange reasons. Strange reasons:”

22. “Warranty is still good, right?”

Which of your family members or acquaintances neglect their devices? What do you think about it?


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