22 Photos Where Reality Decided to Play a Trick on Us

2 years ago

No one would probably believe you if you told them you saw a building that looked like it was in 2D. However, they would if you showed it to them. That’s when taking a photo can save the day. The Internet is full of unbelievable pictures that can put anyone’s observational skills to the test.

Bright Side will make you rack your brain while looking at some photos that defy the laws of the universe.

1. “My son was standing in the living room and I had to take a pic! It looks like he has a mohawk.”

2. “My cat looks like she has 3 front paws.”

3. “My daughter looks like she’s disappearing into the ground.”

The person who took the photo is on an elevated plateau. Because of this, the girl’s body is hidden behind a wall.

4. “This guy’s bag looks like someone sleeping.”

5. “I came across a building that seems to be in 2D.”

6. “Took a picture of my girlfriend’s hair and, from this angle, she looks like a toddler.”

7. “Was watching a show and had to pause it. When I came back, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen.”

8. “My pizza looks upside down on the stove.”

9. “My floating cat”

10. “The shadow behind my dad makes it look like he has an epic ’80s mustache.”

11. “It’s as if part of the building is just windows.”

12. “My son moved his cookies in front of his face as I took our picture. It gave me chubby little baby hands.”

13. “My dad hugging my nephew”

14. “This picture of my dog makes it seem like his mouth is open and closed at the same time.”

15. “This mirror column in a building on my college campus seems see-through when looking down the hallways.”

16. “The wall outside this window looks like a pond.”

17. “My friend took a photo of this van today and it somehow looks like a toy.”

18. “My nephew apparently inherited his dad’s legs.”

19. “My cat’s giant forearm”

20. “This photo I took out the back of my van makes it seem like I was flying.”

21. “These books are not out of focus. It’s just that there are gray stripes along the laterals.”

22. “I looked up from dinner so utterly confused. It’s quite silly once you realize what’s going on with the knife.”

“The knife is going into a round hole on the top of the box, so its tip is hidden under the lid. This counterbalances the weight of the knife.”

Have you ever witnessed any glitches in the matrix? Have you taken any photos that could be featured in this article? Rock the comments with your best stories and pics!

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit lulu313915 / Reddit


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