10+ Proofs That Our Grandparents Had Way More Fun Than We Do

10 months ago

Our beloved grandparents were young once: they went to the disco clubs, had fun with friends, did a lot of stupid things, and fell in love. Thanks to family photos, we have our own “time machine” and can see photos of our grandparents having the time of their lives.

We at Bright Side suggest traveling back in time to see how people spent their free time 30 or 50 years ago.

11. “My grandpa and his pet racoon Stinky, 1950s”

10. “I’ve recently lost my grandmother to cancer. This will always be one of my favorite photos of her.”

9. “My grandfather making faces in the late 1950s.”

8. “Grandma showed me a picture of my grandpa at my age. I feel like a loser.”

7. “My beautiful grandmother and her Irish Wolfhound, 1974.”

6. “My grandmother flew helicopters for the army.”

5. “My grandpa just turned 90 y.o. last Friday. Here he is in the ’50s looking handsome.”

4. “My grandmother, Anita Colby, posing with mannequins designed in her likeness, 1954.”

3. “My grandpa killin’ it in 1955.”

2. “My wonderful grandparents in a photo booth in 1952!”

1. “My grandparent’s wedding, 1956. He may be going through dementia now, but his love for my grandma is still so amazing!”

Do you have cool pictures of your relatives? Share with us in the commens and the best ones will be a part of our next post!

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