22 Striking Photos That Prove Girls in the Last Century Were Pretty Badass

4 years ago

Women of the 20th century can be the perfect role models for many modern girls and we have a lot to learn from them. Whether they were riding motorcycles, enjoying sunny days on the beach, or just fooling around with their girlfriends, they never failed to seize the moment and show their reckless side and openness to the world. And this kind of attitude can help you get through hard times and find the silver lining in every situation. Plus, just imagine how badass our grandmothers probably looked during these times!

Bright Side got inspired by the strong, and sometimes rebellious, women of the past century and we’re fascinated to show you the beauty and the spirit of the old times through these photos.

1. Sorority sisters at the University of Texas, 1944

2. A young woman polishes the car, the 1940s

3. Women strolling with a penguin on the beach, California, 1937

4. Spaghetti-swooshing contest, 1949

5. These women could make the female version of Easy Rider, 1976

6. A young woman does the limbo dance, Los Angeles, circa 1964

7. A woman protesting against the rules

8. A girl posing beside a Booby Traps sign, the 1940s

9. Women fishing on the bridge, the 1940s

10. Stilt walking on the beach, California, 1942

11. A young woman applying make-up in a nightclub in Lagos, 1960s

12. Christmas party on Bondi Beach, Sydney, 1959

13. A woman draws a hosiery line on a model’s leg, New York, 1941

14. Bathers with bicycles, the 1930s

15. Clara Bow with a bow and arrow

16. Young skateboarder doing tricks, the 1970s

17. Aerial ballet, 1948

18. 2 young girls dancing together in the street, 1954

19. 3 women in a VW Beetle, circa 1960

20. Young women showing off their legs, the 1940s

21. Blonde women having a snack on the beach, 1945

22. Skirt blowing machine on Coney Island, the 1940s

Have you ever come across any similar old photos of your relatives? Or maybe you have photos that prove that girls nowadays also know how to have fun? Share your stories and pics with our community in the comments!

Preview photo credit Vintage Everyday, Vintage Everyday


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