22 Things About South Korea That You’ve Probably Never Heard About

2 years ago

When we think of South Korea, 3 things probably come to mind: makeup, TV shows, and food. But there is so much more to learn about the rich culture of this place. So many, that it always has a surprise up its sleeve that leaves us with our mouths open, wanting to take a direct flight there to live those experiences in person.

Bright Side found more photographic evidence of how peculiar it can be to live in this country.

1. 2D café

2. ’’Cat crossing signage in Seoul’’

3. ’’If you see random objects lined up outside a train station,
don’t kick them away.’’

“Homeless people typically leave these things to hold their place in line so they can get lunch/dinner from NGOs.”

4. “South Korea puts traffic lights on the ground so that people who are looking at their phones can still see the light.”

5. “This building has ’F’ for the fourth floor instead of the number 4, as 4 is considered bad luck.”

6. “Solar-powered benches here in Seoul, South Korea, complete with USB and wireless charging docks”

7. “My sausage here in Korea comes with pictures and the words ’thank you,’ ’cheer up,’ and ’delicious, right?’ written on it.”

8. “Onion flavored cereal found in Korea.”

9. This is what café storefronts look like in the coastal city of Gyeongju, South Korea.

10. “It blows my mind to find beautiful scenes like this just a short distance from the busy city of Dobongsan, Seoul.”

11. “There is a small temple near my home. The lanterns they hung for an event are quite beautiful and calming.”

12. “I used to think this was cheese or something else, but I recently looked closer and read the label and realized it’s just 3 pats worth of butter with a smudge of red bean... ”

“To each their own I guess, but I gag even thinking about sinking my teeth into this much butter.”

13. “Line 1, nothing to see here.”

14. Jeju Island’s heart-shaped oranges

15. “I love Korea and the regular updates on how close the toilet is. I need my updates every 3 meters (10 feet) or so.”

16. “I get to walk through this every day on my way home from work.”

17. “A library in Seoul — how will they reach the books that are all the way up?”

18. “Just another casual lunch in Daejeon...”

19. “Pink explosion in Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea”

20. “Jeju-themed Coke”

21. “You will get abducted if you dump trash here.”

22. ’’Spicy chicken toothpaste’’

What country would you like to get to know better? Which aspect of the culture of the place where you live attracts the most attention from tourists?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit le-zakkaz / Reddit


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For anyone who wants to know, #15 is the Starfield Library in Gangnam, and I've been told that you're not allowed to take the books that are high up or near the escalators.


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