15+ Timeless Items That Absolutely Bring Joy Through Different Generations

6 months ago

Some things that were made centuries ago and passed down from generation to generation don’t lose their charm and are still useful. And this article is all about such valuable things that people want to preserve and give to their children.

“This ring is valuable to me because more than 20 years ago, my dad gave it to my mom.”

“And today, a jeweler said it’s from the 1890s-1930s at the latest. I was fully expecting it to be a very good reproduction of an Art Deco-style ring. It had probably been worn for decades before my father got it.”

“A purse from my grandmother”

“My 18k gold French chainmail coin purse”

“My great-grandmother left behind a Rolex from 1925.”

“Never thought I would be excited to spend $30 on a garbage can.”

“I inherited a lot of my grandmother’s jewelry when she passed, and these are my favorite pieces.”

“There’s an inscription from my grandfather in the wedding band that’s hard to see.”

“This is a Christmas tree from the jewelry of my great-grandmother. She made it herself.”

“My vintage knitting basket. It used to be my grandmother’s!”

Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981, my son in the same sweater in 2017, and my daughter in the same sweater in 2020.

“Just realized I have a vintage meat thermometer and a modern one, both from the same company.”

This is the coolest vintage lamp.

“I just inherited this vintage vanity set that was my great-aunt’s. What are the dexter-looking tools at the bottom used for?”

  • The jar with the little hole is called a “hair bowl.” They were used to literally hold the lost strands of hair after brushing. The other bowls were for powders and the lidded box was for soap© VintageLilly317 / Reddit
  • The scissors and scalpel-looking tools are for the nails. The thin hooked one is a button hook. As for the 2 that look like little spoons... They might be ear cleaners. © Unknown author / Reddit

“I’m using this powder case now.”

A breakfast box that has been used for more than 30 years

“This is my great-great-grandmother’s ring.”

“I really like how it’s nothing too fancy or anything. I can wear it with almost anything and think about my family while I wear it.”

“My great-great-grandma’s engagement ring, about 120 years old”

“My grandmother’s hair dryer — it was bought in 1963 and still works.”

“An exercise bike at my in-laws’, it looks a few decades old. Lacks adjustable resistance but still delivers great workouts!”

That red handle on the top of the wheel should be able to be wound left or right for resistance.


“This truck outlived its owner and became a family legacy”

“My mom still uses her 49-year-old General Electric Go Dryer 400.”

“My 88-year-old grandmother and her hair setter, still going strong, Christmas morning, circa the 1960s”

“Today, I finally got to say yes to the very same ruby and diamonds that my great-great-grandmother said yes to in 1911.”

Vintage stuff is like a time-traveling trend that never goes out of style. It’s a cool way for each generation to discover the treasures of the past and add their own flair to them. So, whether you’re rocking your grandma’s bell-bottoms or revamping an old cassette player, vintage vibes keep on rolling.

Preview photo credit Polytetrahedron / Reddit


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My maternal grandparents were both born during the Great Depression. (In the US) I have multiple things both of them have collected over the years. I have more recently inherited some lovely things from my paternal grandparents and my husband’s paternal grandparents. Have never had value assessed, but something a loved one cherished is priceless in my book. Also- as I look over this list as someone in her thirties I remember that my own mother is a grandma (to my sister’s child) It puts a few images in this post in perspective that I’m almost positive my mom owned herself! Grandparents are wonderful regardless of era, I believe. More generational posts like this! I love the thrifted posts for a similar love of antiques but how special to see what one generation cherishes and wants to pass down?!


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