23 Photos Proving That There Are No Limits If You Have an Imagination

4 years ago

According to statistics, 72% of people have some sort of an insight when taking a shower. However, this isn't the only place where inspiration can find you. We can find astounding human inventions designed to make our lives easier to just to make us laugh almost anywhere.

Bright Side gathered the most prominent examples proving that human creativity really has no limits.

23. Who says that I can't have a swimming pool right in my flat?

22. This teacher drew Microsoft Word on the chalkboard as there are no PCs in class.

21. Who cares about modern technologies if you can just shake a bottle of rocks?

20. When you desperately need slippers:

19. "Finally found a use for my old TV!"

18. This cow damaged her eye. The vet said it needed to be protected. So this happened:

17. Who needs a real door handle?

16. When you don't have enough space in your bathroom:

15. I've always dreamt of having my own helicopter.

14. Emergency preparedness at its finest

13. Why don't we have this holiday?

12. "So my son fixed our shower..."

11. No gas? Who cares?

10. "Went to a house party last night and..."

9. Just a homemade plug

8. The best motivation to run a marathon

7. When your flatmates are constantly eating your food:

6. And no one will suspect a thing...

5. "I have created the ultimate weapon! Behold!"

4. A natural mess tin for camping

3. "My girlfriend forgot her razor, but not the refills. So I made the rest."

2. How to make your own car with all the useless stuff you have at home:

1. That's what computers in Colombia look like:

Do you have your own examples of outstanding or hilarious inventions? Share your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit pronta / pikabu.ru


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