24 Cats Who Fell in Love With Dogs, and This Looks Like the Cutest Thing Ever

4 years ago

In cartoons and movies, it’s always said that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. Dogs are goofy and sworn to be man’s best friend, and cats are known for being stand-offish, stoic creatures. But deep down, we know they’re little cutie-pies who can’t resist cuddles and love. It’s even more adorable when the creatures who steal their hearts are their canine pals.

At Bright Side, we found endearing photos of cats completely smitten with their doggy family, and the evidence below will be sure to make your heart explode.

1. Opposites obviously attract for this adorable duo.

2. Just 2 best friends looking out to sea.

3. Even animals love a good spoon.

4. “I love you, big brother. You check that out first, though.”

5. “He doesn’t look like us, but he will be our baby forever.”

6. “This is my brother. He’s a cuddler.”

7. This big brother is not allowed to move a single inch, but look how happy it makes his baby sister.

8. A photogenic pairing of pals

9. It’s always nice to have a buddy when you’re feeling down.

10. There are never too many kisses for this set of pals.

11. This cat is his best doggo’s personal hat.

12. This kitty never wants to let go of her bestest friend!

13. “My cat thinks my dog is delicious.”

14. This baby loves her giant friend with all her heart.

15. These BFFs always like to be as close as possible to each other.

16. 2 besties taking a well-deserved snooze.

17. “You’re my black and white brother and we will be with each other forever.”

18. “This is my absolute favorite pillow of all time.”

19. This pup has his thinking cat on.

20. “This looks like a great spot to lay down.”

21. “My cat REALLY likes the new dog.”

22. “What do you mean my new favorite bed is actually a dog?”

23. And they call it puppy (and kitty) love...


Which adorable, lovable kitty was your favorite? Are you the happy owner of a dog and a cat? Let us know in the comments, and show us your cute pooch and cat combos.


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