24 Cats You Won’t Try to Mess With

4 years ago

Cats are known for their peculiar personality. They can be really adorable when they want, and that’s one of the reasons why we love them. But when they decide they’re not in the mood to play... Well... That’s when they get really intimidating.

After taking a look at these 24 moody cat pictures that Bright Side has gathered, you’ll think twice before doing anything that could anger your feline friend.

1. He knows exactly what you did. And he’s not happy about it.

2. “I want to play with you BOTH!”

3. “I’m watching you, human...”

4. Were you planning to use the internet? Think again.

5. Are you scared of some fang?

6. He’s definitely thinking about your punishment.

7. Wolverine’s got nothing on this cat.

8. He’s coming for you...

9. You can see by his eyes that he’s not playing games.

10. “Hey kids, stay off my lawn!”

11. If you’re angry and you know it... scream!

12. “I’m not mad. Just disappointed.”

13. This poor dog has no idea what’s coming for him.

14. Never play with scissors...

15. “This is my spot, human. Find your own.”

16. “Don’t get too close.”

17. His diabolical plans are all falling into place...

18. He’s the purrrrrsonification of evil.

19. “Take a shower now? Are you kitten me?”

20. His lifelong enemy: the cotton swab

21. “Stop saying I’m cute... I’m EVIL!”

22. “I will show you the paw-er of the Dark Side.”

23. “Don’t pet me! I’m still angry at you.”

24. Once he turns around, it will be too late.

Have you ever taken a scary photo of your cat? Be sure to share the picture with us in the comment section below!


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