24 People Whose Logic Breaks All Boundaries

3 years ago

Some people follow rules, some break them, some create their own. Sometimes doing things as they should be done doesn’t mean solving the problem logically. We all know the feeling of satisfaction after doing something we want to do, as opposed to something we’re supposed to do. Sometimes it’s good to ignore public opinion and just follow your heart.

Bright Side has found photos of people who don’t care how strange they might look while doing what they think is normal.

1. It’s not the worst idea and the shape is perfect.

2. Delivery business idea

3. Hydration is important.

4. Mirror, mirror on the road ...

5. Imagine how good this will work with a quail egg carton.

6. We bet he doesn’t know where he is.

7. Want to freshen up your breath?

8. At least the trees are gonna be safe.

9. How many channels does this thing have?

10. How did he even get down there?

11. Is that a midnight snack?

12. Oh no... Pikachu eats people on the subway?

13. What a party!

14. Is he one of the 7 Dwarfs?

15. That will clean your stomach for sure...

16. A little bit of chill, a little bit of danger

17. The dog nailed it!

18. What the...

19. Time to eat beans!

20. I would like to know what’s going on here.

21. Jedi Trumpeter

22. This is the ultimate cola betrayal.

23. He’s probably on his way to teach hula class.

24. Can you hear me now? Hello?

Do you have a friend whose logic is beyond understanding? What was the funniest thing he/she did? What was the craziest? Share with us in the comment section below!


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