24 Powerful Photos That Prove Time Is Unbeatable

5 years ago

Today we take dozens of photos every day and don’t even appreciate them. Photographs are not only a way to save a memory but also a chance to see how fast the time goes by. When you try to recreate an old picture, you can see exactly what has changed.

We at Bright Side have chosen 24 pictures that show the speed of time.

“Since 2012, we have been taking the same photos.”

“My parents eloped 25 years ago and recreated their wedding photos to celebrate their anniversary”

“51 inches apart”

“1988–2018. The box didn’t change much but my father’s hair has gone silver.”

They grow too fast.

“Who told her to get this big?”

He turned into a giant in just a couple of years.

“My family just recreated our photo in front of the NYC skyline from 1999!”

“Since our wedding day in 2013, we have been taking photos every year.”

“6 weeks vs 6 months”

“My friend and I in 2004 and 2017”

“My parents have been married for 48 years today”

“She grew up on the SNES”

And the time difference is just 4 months!

“17 years ago today, I met my future wife. Here’s a picture of the night we met and us now.”

“He’s impersonating his 19-year-old self in Vietnam in 1966.”

“Why has my toy become so small?”

“My friends and I in 1999 and 2016”

What a transformation!

“My dad reenacting a picture from 1963, in front of his childhood home in Ireland”

“We met in Sunday school, became high school sweethearts, and now after 13 years together we’re expecting our first child.”

“These brothers returned to Pripyat and found their car to recreate their old photo.”

“My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!”

So many years apart

Do you have before and after pictures like these? Share them in the comment section below.

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Three generations of father and son all taken in the same place each 30 years apart, but composited here in one photo:

1950 has my grandpa and my dad on the left.

1980 has me and my dad on the right

2010 has me and my son in the middle

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