20+ Striking Photos That Show a Generation Gap at Its Best

2 months ago

Once technical progress got on the path of rapid development, people with a mere 2-year difference in age seem to be living in different worlds. For example, try showing a tape-recorded cassette to a modern teenager and ask them what it is. All you’ll be left to do is watch them make effortless guesses.

Bright Side is going to prove to you that sometimes it’s not a small gap but rather, a real abyss between people born with a couple of decades between them.

Beware: our editorial doesn’t bear responsibility if you suddenly start to feel really old.

Every generation has its own stylish carelessness to their looks.

“My niece asked me what one of these was.”

Generation Z vs CD jewel case

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“Found this scenario interesting at Starbucks...”

“But...you have real ping-pong!”

Even earlier, they used to be 2 tin cans with a string between them.

Older generations know how to spend free time correctly.

Jurassic Park (1993) vs Jurassic World (2015)

The younger one seems to be playing Minecraft.

“My 16-year-old cousin asked me what these were and I simply told her they were first generation USBs.”

“That’s my 12-year-old sister and me at the same age.”

“Today, one of the kids I babysit asked me, ’What’s this lever for?’ I had to explain it rolls the windows up and down.”

“Some little kid just came up to me on the train and asked me what this was. My heart shatters for children everywhere.”

It’s good he knows who Britney Spears is.

2 generations ignoring each other at the mall

Ah, those awkward questions from kids!

“The Motorola RAZR is now in a museum...boy do I feel old!”

“My 18-year-old brother just asked me what this is.”

Do you remember these bands?

Today’s kids will never know what it’s like to have to create their own ankle socks.

Bonus: “Tired of those silly millennials with their gadgets!”

Have you ever experienced the generation gap this much? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Dizzabel / pikabu


Sometimes I really hate being at the very beginning of Gen Z... most of us know what those are and can live without technology, but everyone assumes the opposite:( like 17-20 year olds who are on the cusps of the generations get left out of a lot of this
At least they didn't ask what a Walkman was... I mean, if they couldn't explain what a case tape was, how could they explain what a Walmart was without explain the case tape. I mean, hell, I'm 19, born in 2000, and k know everything that was in this thing, and more. Like, I know I ain't old, it's this generation had become more stupid and relying on technology rather than relying on themes. Hell, yeah, I'm on my phone a lot to pass time, but I'm not doing anything but playing old games I can't find else where. And watching YouTube, yes, but only to learn how to play guitar better and other things like mysteries, I don't have a tv, so I use YouTube. But when I'm not on my phone and not quarantined for bs and ain't even got the virus, I'm outside playing still. Singing, taking a stick and beating a tree. I used to take sticks and pretend they were guns to shoot people because I wanted to join the military, now there's nerf guns and video games on phones. Yeah, they're fun, but not as fun as your own imagination. For God's sake, I've been teaching myself how to draw all my life and I've gotten way better over the years. I still draw when I'm bored, but never finish them. Ugh... I will soon, one of these days
Oh no... I know all of those old things because I was born in the last decade of 1900s haha those camera film holder, discman and gameboy! Boy how I miss those things and the old days
My parents always complain how young people "spend too much time behind their pc's and phones", but they get in panic when the Internet accidentally cuts off in our house ?

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