25 Animals Who Are Hard to Recognize After the Touch of Human Love

4 years ago

Although there may still be a debate surrounding how conscious animals really are, we can clearly see that they respond to the world around them. They’ll get scared when they feel danger and become relaxed when they feel everything is good. The love we give animals can change them forever, and the most frightened animal can turn into a loving, caring pet.

Touched by this human-animal relationship, Bright Side selected 25 pictures of animals who changed a lot after feeling the touch of human love.

1. “2 weeks before when he was picked up by animal control and a whole year later as my best friend”

2. “He waited more than 2 years in the shelter to find the loving family he deserved.”

3. “Adopted this little mutt a few days ago. Took some effort to earn his trust but he’s thriving already.”

4. “This is our Ruby. On the left, she’s 6 months old and very scared. On the right is Ruby 9 years later!”

5. “Last of his litter with an upper respiratory infection and all grown up — our house panther!”

6. “He was adopted a week ago. The right picture is when we brought him home and the left picture was taken yesterday.”

7. “She was a 2-year-old stray dog. We found her alone in a rural area at 3 AM. This is what 1 year of care and love does.”

8. “When we got Hilda she was very underweight after having recently given birth.”

9. “She was found wandering in the boonies, still lactating. Now she’s the happiest pup living with her kitty friends.”

10. “She was so scared. Now she’s spoiled. This is my rescue, Xena.”

11. “Happy Gotcha Day to this ’lil guy. This is Ollie on the day we adopted him vs today, 2 months later — small with a huge heart.”

12. “A little bit stressed and disheveled at the RSPCA in 2018 vs at home with me in 2020”

13. “From a scrawny 10-pound girl to a 45-pound goofy snuggle bug — we love her!”

14. “8 years later...from fight ring to couch potato!”

15. “I found her crying outside a pizza shop in the street. Look at her now: fat, happy, and proud, 3 months later.”

16. “She was a frightened stray cat full of lung parasites. But she has a loving family and home now! Her eyes say it all.”

17. “She was a pregnant, starved stray with untreated allergies when I found her. She’s now a healthy loaf of a cat.”

18. “Left side was the day of the adoption and she was afraid of everything. Right side is her 6 years later, in charge of the world.”

19. “He had 7 different parasites, crystals, and was close to death when we found him. He grew into a strong boy.”

20. “My Romanian rescue, Lucy, one year apart — on the left at the shelter and on the right, pre-fishy treat.”

21. “My mom found Tom hiding in a waste container behind a restaurant. That’s Tom a month later, happy and energetic.”

22. “From scared and alone to surrounded by toys and love!”

23. “3 weeks since rescued! Her name is Celery and she is the best girl.”

24. “When I adopted him 2 months ago, he still had mites. He is officially a healthy 3-month-old goofball!”

25. “Rescued this golden girl almost 2 months ago, and it’s like she’s a different dog! Say hello to Luna.”

Have you also welcomed a scared and sad looking animal into your home and made them the happiest animal ever? Share their pictures with us!

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Always nice to see the difference on their face after they learned to trust and love again


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