25 Deep Cleaning Results That Are As Impressive As They Are Satisfying

2 years ago

It can be hard to believe what clean spaces can do for us. Even though the cleaning part can be a boring task, there’s a certain kind of gratification we get from it — and the end result almost always exceeds our expectations.

The Bright Side team felt such satisfaction while looking at these before and after photos from internet users that we felt compelled to share them with our readers.

1. “Power washing the garden steps today”

2. “Cleaned for the first time in 5 years”

3. “I thought it was just a bad stain...”

4. “It’s not painted green, that’s just years of gunk.”

5. “Just need a new net now...”

6. “I don’t think this chair has ever seen a wash before.”

7. “Power washed my stans.”

8. “The most satisfying and rewarding thing ever”

9. “I cleaned my outdoor chairs. I’m in love.”

10. “Halfway through”

11. “Cleaning off a few years’ worth of gunk from our family’s 40-foot trawler”

12. “Really happy with this”

13. “Fence is old, but she has some life left in her!”

14. “Spring cleaning the camper”

15. “My first time with a power washer”

16. “Silver jewelry before and after!”

17. “This has become my new stress reliever”

18. “Revealed its true colors”

19. “Very happy with how this turned out!”

20. “When your mom is nice enough to let you power wash her furniture on Mother’s Day:”

21. "Backyard saved!

22. “Power washing, sanding, and oil this weekend on a 20-year-old teak bench”

23. “Side-by-side of my antique doorknobs. The left one was just cleaned for the first time after (an estimated) 80 years.”

24. “Before and after photos of this pool I cleaned today.”

25. “Cleaned off these old burner drip pans.”

Which image was the most satisfying for you? Do you get a lot of satisfaction from cleaning?

Preview photo credit rossgfn / Reddit


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