25 People Who Wanted to Cheat Everyone But Something Went Wrong

5 years ago

Do you remember the story of Pinocchio? It was supposed to teach us that it's not right to lie and, most importantly, that there are consequences. But there will always be those who decide to try their luck and their skills as a cheater. Fortunately, not everyone can get away with lying.

Bright Side collected for you some stories of enchanting deceivers who tried to fool us but got caught.

So this doesn't just happen in cartoons?


Why lie that you are stuck in a traffic jam?

The art of Photoshop at its best.

Are you sure it's the last one?

When you're asked for an intimate photo, but you're not that type of a girl.

Your face, when you realize that your owner is a liar.

You get what you ask for.

Even trucks lie.

People will do anything to pretend they have beautiful life.

Isn't that cooler?

"A guy who wanted to buy a toy poodle was sold a giant long-haired ferret pumped up with steroids."

The test for both pregnancy and intelligence is a fail.

Sacrificed fence for figure.

We hope that he cooks better than he treats other people's standards.

Maybe they mean the size of the potatoes?

It's the little things that make a big difference.

Were you not taking the photo with your phone camera?

Aren't you feeling a little embarassed?

Like in the movies - woke up with perfectly done make-up.

"I am reading while you are scrolling through your phones."

Fake stack!

Nothing weird here, just plugged in and solar powered.

This guy claims he hates cats.

The great conqueror of peaks. Wait a second...

The magic of a successful angle.

Have any funny stories with failed deceptions? Please share them in the comments!

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In defense of photo two, most anime animators have eyebrows showing through bangs. I asked my husband who has watched Anime most of his life why this happens. He said at least in animation, it doesn't look correct to only show one, despite in real life where eyebrows are covered all the time. I'm curious if the image in this article was normal until someone edited it to be funny.

In cartoons we also see straight and a full mouth of teeth on characters that don't have nice teeth. That always irritated me growing up. Commit to how a character looks! If we can have a series called Braceface, we know cartoon characters have orthodontists in their world, so don't show "perfect teeth" without at least one episode about braces.


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