25 People Whose Glow-Ups Are Making Us Weak in the Knees

3 years ago

The term “ugly duckling” is far too familiar to many people. Some of us transform into good-looking swans through mere puberty, while others need to put an effort into changing themselves for the better. In any case, it takes a lot of willpower to say goodbye to our old selves to emerge more confident on the other side.

We at Bright Side will never get tired of celebrating people who go through transformations of a lifetime.

1. “Then: 320 lb, my face was always red and I was angry at my dad. Now: 250 lb, my skin is healthier and I love my dad.”

2. “Left — 13 years old, right — 34 years old”

3. “Officially hit the 8-year mark for recovering from anorexia today!”

4. “23 to 33 — Went from eating pizza every day to just every other day.”

5. “Half the size of high school me”

6. “On the left is at 15 years old, on the right is at 33 years old.”

7. “Puberty is cool.”

8. “12 to 27 — Lost a chin but gained a smile!”

9. “Age 10 to 18! Thank God for braces (my teeth are straight now, I swear).”

10. “18 vs 23 — Just a late bloomer, I guess.”

11. “14 to 21 — R.I.P. bushy eyebrows, big nose, greasy hair, and coontails.”

12. “20 vs 30 — Lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of tattoos. Grew a beard and quite the mane.”

13. “My 10-year glow-up (19 to 29)! Those brows and red hair went in the trash.”

14. “To all of the mothers with teenagers out there: Don’t worry, it really is just a phase.”

15. “Age 17 on the left, age 34 on the right”

16. “From 19 to 27: I lost weight, got a haircut, learned to dress, and learned to talk to people.”

17. “I finally reached 100 lb lost this week!”

18. “One-year transformation — What a gym membership, self-love, and a skincare routine can do for you!”

19. “11 to 21 — My dad used to call me ugly Betty and I took it as a compliment.”

20. “14 to my nineteenth birthday — I grew up a little bit.”

21. “Fourth grade me and 22-year-old me”

22. “Left is 12 years old, right is 24 years old.”

23. “16 to 19, or rather, how I learned to start shaving and escape the neck-beard!”

24. “15 to 25 — Thank you braces, Accutane and puberty.”

25. “Same pose, only 10 years later!”

How much have you changed over the years? Share your transformation pics with us!

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