25 People Whose Ideas Came to Life Thanks to a 3D Printer

2 years ago

With an innovative mind and a good 3D printer, almost anything is possible. From house tools and musical instruments to cleaning robots and drones — these people used their imagination and technical skills to produce their very own masterpieces or functional items.

We at Bright Side are impressed with the unlimited potential of 3D printing, so we collected 25 photos of creative objects that were brought to life with the help of this technology.

1. “Wife and kids kept stealing my charger.”

2. “Tastiest print I’ve ever done — dumpling press.”

3. “Made tactile diagrams for a blind student at my university.”

4. “I made a headless electric violin for my sister’s birthday.”

5. “I built a pool cleaner from a Roomba.”

6. “Needed a place to store my coffee filters, so I made one!”

7. “Custom quarter holder for wallets, for those times you just need a quarter or 2.”

8. “Broke the neighbor’s tool.... Maybe they won’t notice.”

9. “I made a hose attachment. It’s a nice even stream that doesn’t spread or flutter.”

10. “3D-printed keyboard, hand wired.”

11. “My cactus was leaning heavily on one side, so I made it a crutch.”

12. “I was tired of all the dust I was getting while making holes in the drywall, and this solved it.”

13. This guy had a helmet printed for his cat so it can go on rides with him.

14. “Forced air vent stuff dryer.”

15. “My fingers have been getting cold. So I piped the waste heat from my PC to warm them up.”

16. This helix light bulb.

17. “My biggest (and proudest) 3D printing project. Sounds and plays better than expected.”

18. “We have separate hot and cold taps. Here’s a mixer for a comfortable temperature.”

19. “3D printed ’Mario’ plant pots for my son’s room”

20. “I 3D printed a garbage bin lock. At least I know I’ll have room for my own trash.”

21. “I designed and 3D-printed myself a skateboard!”

22. “I made an almost fully 3D printed underwater drone.”

23. “I no longer have to lay my glasses on my nightstand like a Neanderthal.”

24. “I designed and printed a working Simpsons TV. Knobs work too!”

25. “Printed a Sisyphus statue to push my toilet paper up a shelf for all eternity.”

If you could 3D print any object that you need or want right now, what would it be?

Preview photo credit TheMaskedS*ger / reddit


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4, 11, 14 & 20 these are absolutely my favourites, but l'm
Desperate for no: 20, thanks to my neighbours.... But Again SO many Fantastic Ideas!....lol


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