25 Photos Proving Women Are Masters of Awkward Situations

5 years ago

Each of us has encountered unexpected troubles, but it’s women who have the best skills to tackle them most often. The good news is that this “useful” skill usually goes together with a good sense of humor.

Bright Side appreciates women’s ability to laugh at themselves and offers to look at a fresh compilation of awkward and enchanting fails.

“The online store said that they could send a sample mask.”

What to do with this eternal problem between emotional women and heartless men!

“The boys who lived here before us just stopped by to see the house and I asked about how this hole in my ceiling got there and this is how it happened.. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that.”

It’s good to remember that he who laughs best, laughs last.

Me when I wake up vs Me when I’m finally ready to go out

Cute retail clerks seem to be the secret weapon of capitalism.

When everything is clear:

Translation: “My Nitwit Husband.”

Unexpected obstacles on the way to irresistibility...

“My cat decided that my lipstick was the perfect toy.”

“Why does my grandma style these strange hairdos on my cousin?”

There are some things that are more important than romance.

“My husband and I got married this summer in our backyard, and this is my favorite photo from that day.”

When you wanted a beautiful photo from the Bahamas but got this one instead:

“My mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just of her with a bunch of no headed ladies.”

Motherhood is the most underestimated job in the world.

It’s not that simple to look like girls from Instagram.

This law is familiar to every girl.

“The fire alarm went off at the mall I was in and these girls walked out with their plates. Priorities!”

The most tragic love story ever

“My sister just accidentally used a thinning comb to brush her hair.”

An original way to drive people crazy

“I was taking cool pictures until my embarrassment of a ’son’ ruined it”

The moment you realize that being an adult is not cool at all.

“I got a spray tan for my birthday and I put the hairnet too low on my forehead and this is the delightful result.”

Every girl has 100+ stories about awkward pick-up lines.

Have you ever gotten into an awkward situation? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit olz777 / pikabu


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