25 Photos That Prove Once You Get a Pet, You’ll Never Be Sad Again

4 years ago

Animals are the best. By getting a pet you basically buy yourself a ticket to life that will never get boring. Stealing and hiding everything they see, following you to the bathroom, eating the furniture, nagging you for attention, or posing for a photo — it’s just impossible to get sad by your pets’ side, because they make every day feel like a little adventure!

We at Bright Side found 25 photos shared by pets owners, that will uplift your mood and make you want to get a pet as soon as possible.

25. “A few months ago my dog, Maggie, stole my dad’s dentures while he was napping and he found her like this.”

24. “This is Finnick. He has completed his walk. It was never clarified he had to make it back to the house.”

23. This cat’s reaction to their kiss

22. “When a child and a dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you should totally be suspicious.”

21. “My cat is silly but adorable.”

20. “My dog was extremely tired, but just HAD to follow me into the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

19. “Owls may be symbols of wisdom, but they’re actually complete morons.”

18. “My Pitbull always thought he was the biggest dog at the dog park.”

17. “Didn’t want the cat to splash my shorts while I was giving him bath so I took them off. Then I found him in the bedroom afterward.”

16. “Someone is trying to get this dog adopted. So they chose this photo.”

15. “5 beds and about 10 comfy chairs in this house. So where do you sit? ON THE EGGS!”

14. “He grew up with 2 cats.”

13. “She wasn’t happy until I gave up and left my warm tea mug there.”

12. “Cruella Deville... Cruella Deville...”

11. “Trying to work with cats around can be challenging.”

10. “I was trying to enjoy a nice bath but...”

9. “My mother-in-law’s cat is obsessed with shrimp. She makes this face whenever there is shrimp on the table.”

8. “Every time I’m eating a meal...”

7. “My cat may be getting too fat...”

6. “Every time I take my dog for a walk she has to stop to see her crush. It’s like Romeo and Juliet.”

5. “So...I recently discovered my dog likes carrots.”

4. “I told my cat, ‘You’re so pretty,’ and snapped a photo of her response.”

3. “My brother and his girlfriend took their dog hiking and the ground was too hot so this happened.”

2. They regret nothing.

1. “I met this dog and asked its owner for a photo. The dog saw my phone, sat down and smiled. Again, we do not deserve dogs.”

Which photo made you laugh the most? Do you have a pet? Has it ever done something hilarious? What was it? Share your stories and photos in the comment section!


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