25 Times People Followed Their Heart Despite Everything

3 years ago

Graduate from college at 51, learn how to drive a boat at 80, start painting again after a 30 year pause, get a dream job at a national park in Alaska, or make a motorhome out of an old ambulance — following your dreams and the call of the heart always leads to the right place!

Here at Bright Side we want to show you a few inspiring stories to encourage you to follow your dreams as well.

1. Me and my dad (25 and 51) just graduated college in the same class!

2. Madeline Swegle celebrates her graduation as the first black female tactical jet pilot in US Navy history.

3. French cyclist Robert Marchand, 108, set new record at the age of 105.

4. As a kid I visited this store every chance I got. Today, they’re carrying a game I made.

5. Still skating, 38 years later

6. I finally got my dream job as a Park Ranger in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska!

7. I adopted my first dog today! Say hi to Casper!

8. I bought an ambulance on eBay, converted it into my home, and started driving south (I’m now in Honduras).

9. My dad got to fly in a spitfire today. His dream came true, as he had only sat in one as an apprentice in 1962.

10. You`re never too old to start doing cosplays!

11. My dad hasn’t painted in over 30 years. Now that he’s retired, he decided to pick up a brush again.

12. My lovely grandma (80) who drives boats now

13. My little sister is making her dream come true! This is her first gallon of milk from her own Jersey cow.

14. I worked for 4.5 years in a pub. Now, at 22, I’m photographing at my first wedding after quitting my job to reach for my dreams.

15. I built a pond! I’m a 19-year-old who’s never done any gardening before.

16. This fall I’m starting my first “big girl job” as the band director at a Middle School. It`s been my dream for 10 years!

17. After years of struggling to get out of bed with pain from endometriosis and RA, this morning I walked 4K of the Great Wall.

18. Today I did something I’m really proud of, I donated my hair!

19. This little kid, who grew up in a village and didn’t even know what a computer was, became a developer.

20. Balding has made me so depressed. So I went bald.

21. I’ve wanted to build a cottage in the woods for years, and today my dream finally came true.

22. My stepdad is officially my legal father, after raising me with my mom since I was 9. You’re never too old to be adopted!

23. I dreamed of becoming a game developer, and today at 20 years old, I deployed my first game to a local museum, all done in under 3 weeks.

24. 13 years ago, I started medical school. I walked out today a heart and lung surgeon. Today, I am happy.

25. This lady crowd surfing!

Have you fulfilled any of your dreams? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!

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My mom went and learnt nail art at the age of 55. She loves beauty and she decided that it was about time to make it happen :D


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