25 Times Shadows Turned Ordinary Images Into Works of Art

3 years ago

Thousands of years ago while sitting by the fire in caves, people noticed the hypnotizing beauty of moving shadows. In the following centuries all over the world, shadow theatres were opened, transporting people to different worlds with their fantastic creatures, heroes, and villains. But sometimes the magic appears without any human touch, and nature itself acts as the real artist.

Here at Bright Side, we have made a photo collection of shadows that tell completely different stories. Enjoy!

1. This shadow opens a portal to another world.

2. Accidents are not accidental.

3. This is not a golfer's sock. It is the shadow of the table surface on the girl's leg.

4. When nature is totally involved in the Halloween celebration:

5. Their shadow looks like a centaur!

6. The bottle is clearly a new weapon!

7. When nature is the best tattoo master:

8. "The curtain in my room made a shadow on the ceiling that looked like a car."

9. "These flowers at my parents' place cast a squirrel shadow."

10. Satisfaction level: overly satisfied

11. Satisfaction level: tears of happiness

12. The shadow of this cap looks like Batman.

13. "Advertise here? But I think someone else already is…"

14. The shadow from the toilet paper roll looks like a hummingbird.

15. Perfect drawing!

16. A totally different approach to wedding photography!

17. Wait...is he wearing a bra?

18. "Oh my gosh, we missed it after all..."

19. Follow the signs.

20. "Is my dog trying to tell me something?"

21. "I've always known that unicorns exist!"

22. And good day to you too, sign!

23. DNA stairs

24. This fence seems to think you should pursue your passion for music.

25. This cargo ship has a shadow that looks like a city's skyline.

Which shadow did you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit @imbugss/imgur, @saniaakram/imgur


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