26 Cool Things That Are Worth Spending Your Whole Salary On

4 years ago

Designers are people with limitless inspiration. Each day they create new things that turn our world upside down. Chairs that look like hands or butterfly wings, a keyboard resembling a typewriter... Once you have a look at these inventions, you won't go back to ordinary things.

Bright Side gathered 26 amazing designer creations that you'd love to take home with you.

A "biting" cover for a cable

A supportive chair

For Tetris lovers

A dresser where everything has a place

A table "floating" above balloons

Chairs resembling butterfly wings

A shelf that looks like a lamp

Supershelf and Wondershelf

Almost transparent

A multi-tool crab

A keyboard for a tablet

Clouds that water flowers

Swinging chairs in the office

A donut mug

Bottle holders that look like spilled wine

A juicer in a shape of a watering can

A cozy sofa for your backyard

Stairs for stress-resistant people

A table that is pleasant to work at

A cap for a bottle to give your dog some water

A toothpick holder that looks like a yogi sitting on nails

This floating wine glass

A 2-D lamp

Stands that look like sketches of cups

Google Chrome's T-Rex game on these shorts

"They had a bike at my school to blend smoothies that they were handing out at lunch."

And have you ever noticed anything so cool that you just wanted to buy it immediately?


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