9 Examples of Urban Design That Will Make Any City a Better Place

10 months ago

Original and awesome street design is like makeup that can transform an ordinary girl into a shining star. Bus stops, shop windows, and pedestrian streets that are decorated brightly and, most importantly, creatively are sure to enhance people’s moods by no small degree. Some of them are also really useful.

Bright Side collected 9 examples of urban design that you’ll definitely want to copy and transport to your own city or town. If only it were that easy!

1. This school bus stop was made to look like a book held up by pencils.

2. These banana geese are coming to bring you lots of fun and a drop of craziness!

3. A guitar shop that looks like an amplifier

4. A coffee shop made out of a Beetle car

5. Nothing unusual...just hippopotamuses swimming under your feet.

6. “Please have a seat!”

7. Or would you prefer to sit on the pages of your favorite book?

8. A giant clothespin in a park

9. Giant push pin walls. Who could resist them?

Which ideas did you like the most? Do you have any examples of cool urban design in your city? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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