27 Crazy Snapchats Every Cat Owner Can Totally Relate To

4 years ago

Some might claim that life with cats is less adventurous. Unlike dogs, felines never try to entertain you. But simply by being who they are, cats bring a lot of unexpected fun and love into your life. Discovering their personalities and earning their love makes every single day that we spend serving our cats totally worth it.

Bright Side found Snapchats showing that life with cats is just hilarious. Which one of these has your cat (or even dog!) done as well?

27. Oh, hello there! I'm just hanging around...

26. Wow, that's like dog-level stubbornness!

25. Just tell me straight — does this cone make me look fat?

24. My cat is actually a tiny man hiding in a cat suit...

23. Rivals only unite for the biggest crimes...

22. Next stop, Camelot!

21. Don't look directly into the light!!!

20. You shall not pass!

19. Meow the force be with you!

18. Seeing yourself in the mirror after a long and tiring party...

17. Cats always find the weirdest place to chill, don't they?!

16. My precious....

15. Whatcha doin'?

14. Facing life challenges like a pro!

13. The look of "I know what you did, but I'll give you a chance to tell me yourself!"

12. Boo! Fear me!

11. When cats don't pay attention in anatomy class:

10. Agents, we're busted! Take that human out...

9. Like father like cat?!

8. Stalker detected!

7. The secret life of pets...

6. An unusual eco approach!

5. I dare you, human!

4. When your parents notify you about the upcoming annual family reunion:

3. This is the definition of lateral thinking.

2. Technically cats are Sphinxes — creatures with the head of a human and the body of a lion!

1. Cool cats don't look at explosions!

Are you a cat or a dog person? Share your pet photos in the comments below. Let's meet pets from all over the world!

Preview photo credit lilredinwonderland/Imgur


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