27 Designer Items We Want to Grab Onto and Never Let Go

4 years ago

Modern designers always try to create cool items that people want to spend money on. With their designs, everyday calendars, chairs, sleeping masks, phone cases, and even mugs turn into masterpieces that you can easily brag about.

Bright Side has collected 27 designs that made ordinary things extraordinary.

When you just want to plunge into something:

A hoodie for your wine — what could be prettier?

A multifunctional table

Mewgaroo: a hoodie with a pocket for your cat or dog

If you want to get rid of a cell phone addiction

A gentleman that won’t leave you alone

A sleeping mask that looks like a book

Unusual champagne glasses

Invisible phone case

If there’s some wine left...

A drink with a surprise

If you want to save money for different things:

Eclipse clock

For people who love coffee to-go

For those who appreciate space

For the most pleasant dreams

Ready for landing!

A calendar with napkins instead of sheets

Duck dog

This bag consists of 2 bags that can be used independently, or together as one super-bag.

Don’t cross out, poke!

A clock that shows only one hour at a time

A business card with a USB

Melting mugs

A toaster that resembles a defibrillator

In case it gets cold?

Rain protection

Have you ever seen mundane items upgraded by talented designers?

Preview photo credit Mewgaroo/ facebook


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I can't believe these creations XD Anyone buying them?


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