27 Maine Coons Who Know They’re Kings, and We Can’t Argue With That

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When “big cats” are mentioned, the first things that come to our minds are lions, tigers, panthers, etc. However, wildcats aren’t the only ones that can grow this big. There’s a domesticated cat breed called Maine Coon and for some people, they’re gentle giants, but for others; they’re arrogant. But one thing is certain, they’re absolutely massive!

We at Bright Side are stunned by this breed’s majesty and we’d like to share 27 pictures of these fabulous beasts with you!

27. No matter how big you are, you’ll always be a small kitten for your owner.

26. When everyone wants to take a selfie with you:

25. This little kitten is showing us how big it will become.

24. Is that Simba from The Lion King?

23. This Maine Coon is definitely bigger than its owner.

22. No matter how big they are, they’ll always fit anywhere.

21. After a long day of resting, it’s having a well-deserved treat.

20. Handle it with care, it’s fragile.

19. When you’re getting big, but you’re still your mom’s little baby:

18. These 2 look like they’re in the same weight class!

17. “Hey! Pass me the TV remote.”

16. “These decorations are mine!”

15. This Maine Coon is called Tiger and we think the name suits him well.

14. We just know we’re getting scolded.

13. Flawless

12. When your cat is more photogenic than you:

11. “You know what to do, human!”

10. Just a king being carried around by his subordinates...

9. “You shall not pass!”

8. “Just let me go, human. I’ve got food to eat and places to be!”

7. Judging you for not being as fabulous as a Main Coon

6. Holding this Maine Coon is basically a workout.

5. When you grow out of your bed:

4. Meet Edgar. He’s in a shelter but he’s actually the security there!

3. Lotus the Maine Coon is a model.

2. This cat makes us feel like we did something wrong.

1. Determined and majestic

If you already own a Maine Coon, consider it the head of the family. We both know it’s true! Which picture did you like best? Do you have one of these majestic cats at home? Please share it with us in the comments!


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yes her name is tippi toes ,and she lets u know who's boss,or when it's time for bed .love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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