27 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d Be Home So Soon

4 years ago

Pets have kept us entertained for as long as we can remember. They make us fall in love with their cuteness, their weird habits, and their loyal personalities. But sometimes, when left to their own devices, things can get out of hand, and the results can be hilarious.

Here at Bright Side we found some guilty pets who were caught in the act, and despite their naughty habits, we can’t help but love them more anyway.

1. This cat and dog duo look like they’ve definitely been up to no good.

2. She doesn’t care if you’re home early. They’re her sausages now.

3. This pup knows how to relax.

4. Nothing strange here... just 2 cats... um, play fighting?

5. “Caught him trying to pickpocket my mom’s purse.”

6. “Oh, uh, we were just testing out the new doors for you...”

7. I’m sure he regrets his decisions.

8. “Hey!! You’re home! I’ve missed you so much!”

9. “Act casual... she might not know it was me...”

10. This little duo was just hugging... honest...

11. Just hanging out. Nothing to see here.

12. “I was cold, Mom.”

13. “When he knows he’s not supposed to be on the couch.”

14. “What do you think of your new bed?”

15. Nothing to see here. Just staying hydrated...

16. This pesky pupper just wanted to look pretty for his momma.

17. This mischievous pup was caught red-handed.

18. “I just wanted to help you knead...”

19. “Thank God you’re home. There was a monster in the trash can!”

20. “I haven’t found what they broke yet.”

21. “I look better in these than you do.”

22. “Oh hey dad! Do you like my new feather blanket?”

23. “Umm, I can explain...”

24. “Just teaching my sibling a wrestling move!”

25. “I just needed to cool down, I promise...”

26. And in that moment, this cat realized the mistake he had made.

27. “Let’s be honest, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.”

Which naughty mishap made you laugh the most? Tell us in the comments and let us know whether you’ve caught your pets in the act.


All their guilty faces repeat one sentence: “O_O dang it, I’m caught”

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