27 Photos That Prove Time Changes Everything

5 years ago

Time goes so fast that we don’t even notice it. Only when we take a moment of rest, can we see the imprint it leaves on the things around us. From destroyed dice to old trains — all these things show how fast time is.

Bright Side will show you some photos that captured time itself.

27. Our pets grow so fast!

26. Inside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, pilgrims have been touching and kissing this statue’s feet for centuries.

25. Angel’s Landing hike at Zion National Park

24. “The d20s my dad bought in 1977 and my brother used through middle school in the ’80s”

23. An abandoned train in Siberia

22. The UK heatwave is revealing hidden landscapes from the past.

21. A guitar after 45 years of playing

20. “An old public piano has its pedal worn away from constant use.”

19. This is how accurate this carpenter is after building 200 houses.

18. Wear and tear at the Disney World waiting line

17. “One pillowcase has been used nearly every day for 40 years. The other has been in a closet.”

16. “A silver dollar my great-grandfather carried in his pocket every day for 20 years until the day he passed away”

15. This light post is outside of a popular music club in New Orleans. After 40 years of having band flyers stapled to it, there’s no more room.

14. Pac-Man CRT screen burn-in

13. Mother and son 30 years later

12. Ghosts in the subway

11. These sandbags from 40+ years ago are now solid rock.

10. The still-pockmarked landscape of Somme battlefield

9. The mark on the tiles left by the barber after many years

8. " ’Mother’ in my hometown of Wakefield, MA"

7. A lot of time has passed.

6. “Trinity Abbey in my hometown, mid-cleaning”

5. A lane that has been used for many years

4. Standing up for decades

3. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in 1974 and 2008

2. In the first photo, he’s just opened his eyes, and in the second, he’s 1 year old.

1. Love that doesn’t care about time

Do you have things or photos that remind you of how fast the time is? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit MicTyson / imgur


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This guitar is so beautiful!!! Even though it's ruined this baby rocks)


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