27 Soul-Satisfying Photos Every Perfectionist Can Obsess Over

3 years ago

They say there’s nothing perfect in this world. Perhaps it’s true because everything has its flaws even if those defects are tiny. However, the photos collected in this article prove the opposite.

Today, Bright Side is going to show to you that perfection really does exist!

This gift is wrapped perfectly.

“I’m selling my house soon and am packing the LEGOs. Took one last photo of my setup.”

This rubber band fits the computer’s keyboard perfectly.

Even your eyes will start to smile with satisfaction.

The employee who did this should be promoted immediately.

“My dog’s shadow makes an almost perfect arrow.”

“I simply took time to reorganize the cherry tomato pints.”

This pasta wheel was made for this wooden spoon.

When the builder is an artist deep in their soul:

This almost perfect circle was formed by dead grass and the wind.

The heart on the puppy’s side is perfect.

“It seems I’m gonna miss my lunch today.”

These stones are perfect.

A perfect division of sky:

The scale and the tile were made for each other.

A shop for those who think 7 colors aren’t enough

“I’ll destroy anyone who dares to shake this box!”

The blocks of staples from a new package have the perfect dimensions to build a rigid cube.

The way the floor has faded in near perfect semi-circles at this barber shop

This shadow lines up with the grass perfectly.

It’d be a pity to eat a piece of this perfect circle.

The very feeling when everything is perfectly placed in boxes and shelves

“My smoothie made an interesting design after I blended it.”

“The ’pool’ above my apartment”

This row of trees makes the perfect fall colors progress bar.

“Sometimes, I get a little bored...”

This cake is complete perfection!

Which of the photos did you like the most? Have you ever seen anything as oddly satisfying? Please share your photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit hamdog444/ reddit


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