28 Photos of Everlasting Love That Touched Our Souls

3 years ago

Love is the strongest feeling on Earth, and all of us have felt it. Thanks to the “chemistry” between different people, many discoveries have been made, many wars have been won, and many people have cured themselves of severe diseases. Legendary poets have dedicated their best poems to love. The people featured in our article have proven to the whole world that love can live forever!

At Bright Side, we’ve collected unbelievable pieces of evidence proving that love is a privilege that nature has awarded us with.

“My grandma is in the hospital, but it’s their 57th anniversary so my granddad showed up in a tux to surprise her with flowers.”

“My uncle’s wife is in hospice. They have been married for 67 years, together for over 70. He stays with her all day at the hospice center, only leaving to shower. This is how they nap together. True love at its finest.”

Perhaps that’s what a happy golden age next to your beloved looks like.

“My grandpa is 93 and still takes my grandma on dates weekly. Here’s them getting ready this morning.”

After 62 years of marriage, this couple has been separated for 8 months due to backlogs and delays by the health care system. Now they’ve finally reunited."

They met each other when they were 13, got married at 18. Today is their 50th wedding anniversary.

Married for 60 years. She has dementia and a stroke...but he is still there, always.

“My mom sacrificed her engagement ring in order to buy groceries and pay the bills. Today, she got surprised by my dad.”

They seem to have been together forever and they are still holding each others’ hands.

A 70-year-old man and his 67-year-old fiancé

This couple looks even cooler than today’s lovers wearing the same T-shirts.

True love never dies!

“My grandparents are both 90 and they still enjoy spending time together.”

“He sang to her every night before bed. 70 years of true love.”

“Every time a love song comes on the radio my grandpa turns it up and dedicates it to my grandma.”

This touching photo reminds us that memory is sometimes the best manifestation of love.

Married 8 months after meeting and they’re still married 40 years today.

“Today is my grandparents’ 75th wedding anniversary and it seems that my granny is still flirting with my grandpa.”

“My mom is currently recovering from breast cancer surgery and my dad bought her a new wedding ring and re-proposed to her.”

“My grandmother wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary with my grandfather. They are a testament to true love and commitment.”

This woman’s husband passed away but she still has lunch with him every day.

“My parents just celebrated their anniversary. This is what love looks like 54 years later.”

They look as if they are on their first date, however, they have been together for 55 years already.

“My grandparents’ 40+ year before and after pictures”

They’ve been married for 52 years and still wear the same outfits.

“My great grandma got married today. She said to me, ’I know I’m old but he makes me feel like I’m young again.’ ”

“Hold onto me and I’ll hold onto you.”

When you have been together for your entire life but you are still a little mischievous:

What are the most touching moments that have happened to you? Please tell us about them in the comments!


I just love watching these stories. Gives hope that true love can last forever. Don't you think?

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