28 Thrilling Instagram Shots That Conquered National Geographic

year ago

Nature is always spectacular but in the photos selected by National Geographic, we see nature from another level. Launching the #natgeo100contest hashtag, the famous magazine with 100 million subscribers collected Instagram’s most beautiful photos from its followers around the world.

Bright Side brought together 28 memorable images for you that were hand-picked by National Geographic.

When your new friend is unfriendly...

Keep calm and drink something.

Like a big paper airplane!

A look beyond the dawn

Follow me to the end of the sea.

The power of the storm

In good company

And to think that I came here to be alone...

Here comes the sun.

Amazing flying forest

Perfect happiness

What are you looking at?

The power of nature

The real Aquaman

Is my hair messy?

Hug me tight.

Alone in the sunset

I’m the boss here!

Perfect reflection

Let’s take a shot, buddy!

Happy Holi bro!

Look at those eyes.

It’s always nice to share.

We are best friends, you know?

Like a flame

Can you see the differences?

I carry an island on my back.

It seems that humans have organized a party out there.

And how about you, which photos would you have chosen? Which one do you like the most? If you’ve taken some photos that could be a part of this content, share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit fshaluska / Instagram


Since I love everything about the sea, the photo with fishes just took my heart! :)
Pre-last one looks really cool! What a luck to be able to take such a nice shot

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