29 Photos Explaining Why the Internet Went Crazy Over Maine Coons

4 years ago

What do we know about Maine Coons? First of all, they’re the biggest house cats. Second, they have a crazy amount of fur. Third, they are a little bit arrogant. Fourth, their ancient ancestors have some mysterious magic.

We at Bright Side are charmed by the greatness of Maine Coons and decided to share their magic with you. The babysitter cat surprised us the most!

1. Infinite fluffs

2. All Maine Coons love winter.

3. When these cats go for a walk, even dogs want to hide!

4. “Mom, guess who!”

5. Nobody likes to go to the vet, not even Maine Coons.

6. 9-week old Maine Coon kittens waiting for their vet check

By the age of 3-4 months, Main Coons are already as big as regular cats.

7. “Gizmo just can’t decide between the box or the lid! What a dilemma!”

8. “I think I have lions among my ancestors.”

9. “He was the tiniest one out of all his brothers and sisters when we picked him up...not so much anymore!”

10. “Get your cameras ready, the cat is going to yawn now!”

11. “What do you have there? Will you give it to me?”

12. “Cordelia the cat is a big girl!”

13. You don’t need a babysitter if you have a Main Coon.

This 3-year-old Main Coon is the longest cat on the planet. He loves babysitting. His owners are lucky: they have a babysitter and a bodyguard.

14. “My Maine Coon doesn’t lick/clean himself as much as he is supposed to, which caused him to get extremely knotted. I went to the vet with a large cat and left with a small lion.”

15. “Is she still following me?”

16. Keeping balanced is something they’re good at.

17. “Hey, I’m not doing any harm, I promise!”

18. “I am the King.”

19. “Look me in the eye, human!”

20. The cat looks like a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

21. Maine Coons were meant to take part in photoshoots.

22. My human Otto and me

23. Her Majesty is on her throne.

24. “Every time I ask Terry to keep calm for a photo, he makes this face.”

25. When visiting the vet: “I’ll behave, I promise!”

26. When you’re always with your Main Coon:

27. The Main Coon, Lord has only one eye, but the real pirate still enjoys his life.

28. If you have a Main Coon, the wind won’t stop you from taking a photo.

29. Relaxing with their owner

Are you already looking for a Main Coon to adopt? Or do you already have a couple? Tell us about your life with these elegant furry cats in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit wittyusernamehere / Imgur, Imgur


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