30 Tattoos That Keep Touching Memories Alive

4 years ago

Tattoos tell us a lot about a person because it’s not an easy feat to bear the pain of the needle. What people choose to etch permanently on their skin shows us exactly what they love. Having special memories of your beloved woven through your skin with ink says so much more about the bond you have than just carrying a photo in your wallet. They make a great topic to begin a conversation with too.

We at Bright Side feel that tattooing our best memories says a lot about people’s relationships and we think that you would appreciate these kinds of tattoos.

1. A mother’s warm embrace permanently inked.

2. A father and baby moment to be remembered always.

3. Matching tattoos of sisterhood

4. Congratulatory kisses are here to stay forever.

5. This girl feeding her daddy makes a lovely tattoo.

6. A stylish mom and daughter having a fun ride as a memento

7. No tattoo is quite like the one with a sisterly hug.

8. A mother’s bundle of joy can be a sketch to carry with you, always.

9. Capturing shared laughter forever.

10. A reminder that kids will be kids.

11. Swing your arm proudly with a tattoo of siblings on a swing.

12. Strengthening the grandmother bond with ink.

13. Merged 2 photos to make a complete one on the arm.

14. A matching keepsake of their 3 mischievous girls

15. A memory of excited children experiencing snow

16. Making happiness last a lifetime.

17. A “like father like daughter” moment

18. A sweet one of a mother and her princess

19. Matching ink of kids just chillin’

20. Another way to renew your wedding vows

21. Carve “Today I love you” to show perpetual love.

22. Playtime captured in ink to remember the good ol’ days

23. This little kiss is a memory that’s worth the pain of going under the needle.

24. A man’s leg shows a picture of a father’s support.

25. Siblings being silly is a priceless memory.

26. For when you miss a hug from your family:

27. “A bucket full of love” is expressed best as a tattoo.

28. To remember a mother’s happiness of being loved.

29. To remind you that no matter what the weather’s like, family makes everything sunny.

30. Children caught in the act makes a unique and curious tattoo.

Do you have a tattoo of your loved ones? What precious memory would you want to etch on your skin? Share your stories with us.

Preview photo credit tattooer_dogy / instagram


My mom would never agree to get such a tatoo, but I find them sweet :)
I have always thought that matching tattoos is something silly.. But after this compilation I think the one you make with your family is really cool! I want one with mom and dad ?

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