30 Things We All Do to Save Money at the End of the Month

4 years ago

There are few expressions that can accurately describe that spine-chilling effect that checking our bank account at the end of the month has on some of us. Oh, the horror! Just a few cents lefts in our pocket—again— and it’s time to break the piggy bank open —again— just to find a button and a couple of dust bunnies.

Thankfully, there are a few techniques that you might (or might not) know of that can help you survive those last days, without having to worry too much or give up any of your hobbies. So, today at Bright Side, we’ve listed some of the funniest ones below, to show that they are more common than we think.

1. Filling up on free samples at the supermarket before having lunch at home

2. Recycling leftover soap pieces by putting them in a stocking to make a new soap

3. Parking the car outside the garage when it rains to get a free car wash

4. Asking for lots of sauce packets at fast food restaurants, so you can take them home

5. Adding water to the shampoo when there’s hardly any left

6. Watching all the DIY videos available online to make something you need, instead of buying it

7. Going to a department store’s makeup counter before your date to get a free makeover

8. And after that, going to the perfume counter to use their free samples

9. Going to the supermarket just to buy the items that are on sale that day

10. Inventing new recipes to use last week’s leftovers that are still sitting in the fridge

11. Achieving the impossible task of not ripping the paper when unwrapping a present (and saving the bows)

12. Buying white-label products at the convenience store

13. Mixing the remaining bits of tomato sauce with water to add them to the pan instead of wasting them

14. Using a toothpaste key to press the leftover paste out until there’s nothing left to squeeze out but air

15. Using hot-water bottles to warm up your bed (and the room, preferably) instead of turning the heater on

16. Using free samples of moisturizers, face creams, and hand creams

17. Connecting your devices to public Wi-Fi or asking for store and restaurant passwords so you don’t run out of GB’s on your phone

18. Using the same tea bag twice

19. Recycling old yogurt or plastic food containers to save other food leftovers instead of buying Tupperware

20. Taking homemade popcorn and flasks with water or soda to the movies instead of buying them at the counter

21. Turning off the tap when washing the dishes or when washing your hands

22. Getting movie or music streaming services together with friends to share the monthly fee

23. Recycling single use plastic bottles to fill them with water at home

24. Using buckets to collect water when showering to save it and use it to flush the toilet, wipe the floor, or water the plants

25. Subscribing to newsletters and downloading apps to obtain coupons and discounts from your favorite stores

26. Using old shirts and other garments as cleaning cloths

27. Washing all small clothing items by hand and using the machine only for large items

28. Walking to commute to work instead of taking public transportation or your car

29. Buying things at a second-hand shop

30. Asking for a glass of water at a restaurant instead of a soda or any other beverage (coffee included)

Do you do any of these things to save money? What other saving strategies do you have? We’d love for you to share your tips with us so we can all become experts when it comes to saving money. Let us know in the comment section!


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