25+ Times the Japanese Were Light Years Ahead of the Game

11 months ago

Most of us think of Japan as a majestic place like it is in anime movies complete with beautiful cherry blossoms. However, actually visiting Japan reminds us how advanced they are in technology and how respectful the community is — so much so, that it puts the western world to shame.

1. Robots that serve food and drinks

2. Elevators indicating the weather outside

3. Food in Japanese hospitals

4. The bullet train in Japan that feels as if it’s standing still

5. Japanese people make the country even more beautiful by painting the streets’ manholes.

6. A toilet that lets you wash your hands and use the water to flush

7. Japanese fans stay behind after a FIFA match to help with the clean-up.

8. The Japanese gum containers that offer paper pieces for wrapping your used gum in

9. Everyone follows the rules and respects each other.

10. Taking responsibility

The note in Japanese translates to: “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry.”

11. Trying to save someone’s life by tilting the train and helping the man escape

12. Public toilet sound system

Some toilets in Japan have a button that plays white noise or water sounds so that people can feel comfortable going to the bathroom without other people hearing them.

13. The bathroom system that lets you know which stalls are vacant or occupied

14. The refrigerated lockers that you can leave your food in and continue shopping

15. You are given specific slippers for your bathroom visit.

16. Tokyo commuters waiting for their train

17. A smartphone screen-wiper dispenser

18. Japanese airport staff sorting out the suitcases by color

19. A lamp in a Japanese hotel room that lights up half-and-half

20. Trains in Japan are equipped with foot baths to make journeys more relaxing.

21. The unwritten reverse parking rule makes drivers’ lives easier.

22. Japanese ATMs have both cup holders and cane holders.

23. Hospitals offer glasses with prescriptions for filling out forms.

24. Japanese taxis have these buttons in case the rider would like them to go slower.

25. A vending machine in Japan selling fresh farm eggs

26. Square watermelons that can fit in the refrigerator

27. Japanese handrails that bend with the steps

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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