36 Heart-Melting Puppies to Lift Your Spirits Today

4 years ago

Sometimes during the week we all need a pick me up, and there’s nothing better than seeing 36 puppies in their element to make your day a bit brighter. Playing with animals has been proven to lift your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which immediately boosts your mood. So, if you don’t have access to a real puppy today, make yourself happier by looking at these cute little babies!

We at Bright Side have found some of the cutest puppies on the internet right now, all ready for you to scroll through, and make you go “Awwwwww!”

1. “All tuckered out from digging.”

2. This little fluff ball looks like mashed potatoes!

3. “After 4 years of begging, my mom finally let my dad get a puppy!”

4. This fluffy puppy is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

5. Belly rubs will always be a fan favorite.

6. “This is my new dog, Blu. His tongue sticks out like this all the time.”

7. This tired baby hates Mondays like the rest of us.

8. “Here is one majestic Golden Retriever forest puppy, perched on a pile of rocks.”

9. This spotted munchkin is on her first ever car ride home.

10. All puppies love hugs, especially from their new family!

11. 2 excited brothers who love to play

12. This puppy knows how to chill with style.

13. “When you partied too hard last night and now you gotta clean up the litter the next morning:”

14. Those puppy dog eyes are full of love as she meets her new human.

15. “Snoozin’ in Dad’s hat.”

16. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!

17. “A ladybug’s boopin’ the snoot of this pupper.”

18. “This little goober’s expert photobombing skills”

19. A wrinkly baby is a very good puppy indeed.

20. “Nervous cadet reporting for duty.”

21. All they need are cuddles and they’ll love you forever.

22. This mini-me has the best big brother to look up to!

23. Is it a dog? Is it a bear? I’ll tell you one thing it is: Adorable!

24. Those floppy little ears make me want to squeal with joy.

25. Santa Paws is the cutest puppy I ever did see.

26. “The car came with a puppy holder.”

27. This good boy has the biggest ears! He’s got some growing in to do.

28. Not sure if this is a puppy or a real life teddy bear.

29. This pampered pooch has the squishiest little face!

30. We’re honestly so, so proud of this little baby.

31. Smile for the camera, handsome boy!

32. This pup has already mastered the puppy dog eyes.

33. “C’mon, Dad!”

34. Sometimes being a puppy can be so tiring...

35. “Look, Mom, look! You said it was too big, but I got it!!”

36. Enough to melt the hearts of thousands with just a single woof.

Which puppy dog made you go “Awwwww!” the most? Let us know in the comments and post your own photos of your furry babies so we can see even more cute pups!


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