4 Perfect Spots to Spritz With Perfume and 4 Spots That Are No-Nos

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3 years ago

The scent of perfumes we choose to wear can make a statement. But for that powerful fragrance to last, you should target specific points and avoid those that can irritate your skin. Even if you apply them on spots other than the pulse points, you can reach wonderful results.

Bright Side is spilling on the unconventional spots you should consider applying your favorite perfume to.

Spray behind the knees.

It might seem a bit complicated to apply at first, but spraying behind your knees (when they’re exposed) will definitely pay off. There’s a pulse point there that will do wonders. For even better results, spray perfume right after taking a shower and after you’ve applied lotion.

Spray it between the inner thighs.

While it’s somewhat dangerous to spray perfume around the private areas, you can still do so between the inner thighs. The heat will boost the aroma and it will last the whole day. Plus, when you hug someone, you won’t leave your scent on them.

Spray it on the cleavage.

If your clothes reveal your chest, it’s worth it to consider applying a light spritz there. It might not be as strong as it is on the wrists, but it will result in a subtle fragrance.

Spray it on your stomach.

Take advantage of wearing clothes that reveal your stomach. Using perfume there will help you out through your entire night, leaving you smelling irresistible.

Don’t spray it on your armpits.

The armpits’ sweat glands will react with the perfume which can cause a burning sensation and itching. Aside from that, even if you do apply it there, you won’t have good results.

Don’t spray it around the bikini zone.

If you use your perfume around your bikini zone, it can result in dry skin. In addition, those areas can get easily irritated, resulting in itchiness and inflammation.

Don’t spray it near the eyes.

Avoid spraying perfume in areas around your eyes. Alcohol and ethyl-based perfumes can do serious damage if they come in contact with highly sensitive spots.

Don’t spray it on your hands.

While one of the most popular places to spray perfume is on the wrist, you should avoid applying it to your hands. If it comes in contact with your hands, alcohol-based perfumes can make your skin dry, cause cracking, and even bleed.

Where do you spray perfume most of the time? Do you have a secret spot?

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