5 Changes That Can Happen If You Turn Upside Down Every Day

2 years ago

You may feel like hanging upside down is intimidating at first, however, inversion therapy can provide several benefits to your health. The theory behind it is, by inverting your body in a way that your feet are above your head, it may be possible to reverse the effect gravity has on the body.

That’s why the Bright Side took a closer look at the research behind this therapy and gathered 5 positive changes that can happen if you start practicing it.

1. You’ll get sounder sleep.

If you’ve had a particularly stress-filled day and you’re struggling to fall asleep, perhaps give inversions a try. When you’re upside down, it is believed your muscle tension decreases, relaxing the body, and making it easier to fall asleep. If your mind is relaxed and calm, you also end up getting a better night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

2. You’ll feel more energized and less tired.

In general, poses that invert our body may increase focus and reduce tiredness. They do so by increasing oxygen levels and releasing endorphins, like dopamine and serotonin. Being upside down also allows for more blood flow to reach the brain, resulting in increased energy and mental stamina.

3. You may also feel more focused.

Inversions can actually increase the blood flow to the brain, giving it more oxygen and improving our brain function all while enhancing concentration, memory, and clear thinking, which results in a better mood. It can also stimulate the flushing of toxins.

4. You can get relief from back pain.

Back pain is incredibly common and it can have lots of causes. If you’ve ever suffered from it, you know how frustrating it can be. According to studies, it was found that after 8 weeks of inversion therapy, the pain significantly improved. On top of that, it also improved flexibility and strength. So, if you feel like you’ve tried many things to no avail, maybe give it a go.

5. You can also get better digestion.

You may know our body has this tricky task of having to push matter through the digestive system against gravity. But the good news is that upside-down inversions can help the movement of waste through the colon. Just make sure to avoid being upside down after you’ve just had a meal.

Have you ever tried this therapy? Did you notice any other benefits?


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