5 Signs You’re Not Moving Enough

2 years ago

Today we often plan to work a bit longer in our offices, tomorrow we plan a Netflix marathon, we’re too lazy to do grocery shopping, so we order food online. With all these modern gadgets we become incredibly lazy couch potatoes. It’s no surprise that our bodies start to panic and tell us that it’s actually time to take care of ourselves.

Bright Side wants to help decipher your body signals in an attempt to make your life a bit easier and healthier.

1. Your eyes are puffy.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main triggers of water retention. Puffy eyes appear due to prolonged periods of staying in a horizontal position. So, sleeping in is not that harmless after all. Yoga is thought to be the best solution. Asanas apply pressure to the head and boost circulation. Once you start incorporating some movement into your daily routine, puffy eyes are not a problem anymore.

2. You are constipated.

Exercise is important for regular bowel movements. If you spend most of your time seated, it takes more time for food to move through your large intestine. Consequently, the amount of water your body absorbs from your stool is limited, which brings about constipation. Moving regularly improves the efficiency of your digestive tract. Even a simple 5-minute stretches several times a day can prevent constipation.

3. You are forgetful.

If you often feel like another thought has just slipped your mind, you might want to consider moving a bit. One study found that people who lead sedentary lifestyles show structural changes in the brain in the area of the medial temporal lobe. This lobe is responsible for our ability to memorize things. Physical exercise has been shown to boost memory. It’s no surprise that your brain structure grows as you get more fit.

4. Your knees hurt.

Movement is the secret to loosening up tight joints. Exercising can alleviate arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms, especially low-impact aerobic exercises. Patients with chronic knee pain are advised to undergo an exercise program. By working out regularly, your muscles strengthen and become more flexible.

5. You get sugar cravings.

Physical activity combats sugar cravings perfectly. It boosts your energy and releases endorphins, which encourage general happiness. The happy hormones, in turn, reduce sugar cravings significantly. Getting enough movement during the day keeps depression away. So, no depression or bad mood, no need to gorge on ice cream!

Do you move a lot? Have you noticed any of these signs in yourself?

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