5 Mind-Boggling Riddles Only True Masters of Logic Can Solve

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Having solved numerous new quizzes and brain puzzles, a modern person gladly returns to riddles after some time. Back in the day, moms and grandmas used to buy periodicals that usually published new quizzes, riddles, and crosswords but they’d often have to wait till the following week to learn the right answers.

Bright Side decided to bring the brain-crackers and riddles from old periodicals back to life. The good news? We won’t make you wait till the following week — the answers are at the end of the article. Will you be able to solve the riddles that kids of the past used to crack their brains over? Don’t miss our funny bonus before the answer section of the article.

1. What was the final score of the match?

2. Find 7 things in the picture where the painter made a mistake.

3. 5 questions

  1. In which direction does the river flow?
  2. Do vessels sail on it?
  3. How long will the sunflower be growing?
  4. How soon will the clothes dry?
  5. Which city is the helicopter flying to?

4. 8 questions about the railway

  1. Is there much time left before the new moon?
  2. How soon is the night coming?
  3. What season is depicted in the picture?
  4. In which direction does the river flow?
  5. At what speed is the train moving?
  6. Will it take much time for the car to move along the railway?
  7. What should the driver of the car be prepared for right now?
  8. Is the wind blowing?

5. A riddle about 2 friends and a new house

friends, James and Tom, met each other near the house where they both have recently bought flats. James lives on the first floor of the house depicted in the picture (assuming there is a ground floor as well); the room of his friend is located 2 times higher from the ground level. Which floor does Tom live on?

Bonus: If a hen wore pants, which way would it wear them?


1. What was the final score of the match?

Having analyzed the picture, you will see that the 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th fans (from left to right) are rooting for the first team, while fans 2, 3, 4, and 8 are rooting for the second team. You can understand which team scored each of 8 goals by the behavior of the fans. Therefore, it is the first team that won the match with the score 5:3.

2. Find 7 things in the picture where the painter made a mistake.

1. The shadow of the power lines and road sign don’t correspond to reality.

2. Ursa Major is mirrored.

3. The moon can’t be located between Ursa Major and Polaris.

4. There are no insulators on power lines.

5. The trees are growing in a restricted area right under the power lines.

6. The truck is moving right on the traces left by the car. Since there are no other traces, it’s not clear how they managed to scrape by.

7. The road sign depicts crossroads but there is only one road.

3. 5 questions

  1. The fishing lines of the fishing rods sailed to the left, which mean the river flows from right to left.
  2. Yes, the river is navigable — there are sea marks installed in it.
  3. The sunflower’s head has already been cut because it’s not turned to the sun (it can be seen by the shadow).
  4. The clothes will dry soon. It’s warm, the boys are wearing light clothes, and the wind is blowing (this can be seen by the waving clothes).
  5. The helicopter is not flying to another city; it’s a fire helicopter and it’s watering the forest.

4. 8 questions about the railway

  1. Not much. The moon is old, its reflection can be seen in the water.

  2. Not soon. The old moon is seen in the morning dawn.

  3. Fall. According to the position of the sun in the east, it is easy to figure out that the cranes are flying south.

  4. Rivers flowing in the Northern Hemisphere have a steep right bank, which means that the river flows from us to the horizon.

  5. The train is not moving. The lower signal of the traffic lights is on — the red one.

  6. Not much. The road sign shows that there is a railroad crossing ahead.

  7. For braking. The road sign shows that there is a steep descent ahead.

  8. Yes, it’s blowing. The smoke in the station house is spreading.

5. A riddle about 2 friends and a new house

According to the picture, all the floors in the house where the 2 friends live are of equal height. James, who lives on the first floor, has to go up the height of one floor from the ground level. Tom, whose flat is located 2 times higher from the ground, obviously has to go up the height of 2 floors. This fact makes it clear that Tom lives on the second floor.

Bonus: If a hen wore pants, which way would it wear them?

A hen would wear them like this because, otherwise, the pants would fall down.

How many of these riddles did you manage to solve? Please tell us about your results in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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